"Kimberly was such a supportive and constant presence during a high risk and difficult pregnancy. My husband and I hired her to do bump, birth and fresh baby sessions and I'm so glad we did! She captured some of the most precious moments of my life so far, especially after dealing with years of infertility. It was so nice getting to know Kimberly on a personal level before the birth of our first child. She was constantly on call and checked in when she knew I had dr appointments since we knew baby would be coming earlier than due date. She sat with my husband for 17 hours during induction and labor. She was so knowledgeable about the process and answered any questions and helped address any concerns. She was a great advocate when I felt like I was being dismissed. I'm so blown away. I cannot recommend Kimberly enough to anyone wanting go capture special memories with their family." 


"Where do I even begin...I posted in a community page looking for a birth photographer and a local mom recommended Kimberly. Am I glad we went with her! It's always awkward meeting with new photographers because you kind of have to open up so they can capture the real you but we meshed right away. I told her our history with our son and how this third pregnancy was our chance to rewrite our family's story. She knew exactly what we wanted and knew how to capture it. From our bump all the way to the fresh baby session, she told the story of our beautiful baby girl and our family getting ready for her. I am so thankful that she was our photographer. She tells stories through her pictures and she does it so naturally. If you are looking for someone to capture the honesty and beauty of your family, SHE IS YOUR WOMAN. Trust me when I say I am sticking with her for everything!”


"Would we recommend Kimberly? The short answer is a resounding “YES!” And here is why: We found Kimberly through an online birth photographer website/search engine. She went out of her way to meet us at a coffee shop closer to us and was so warm and inviting when we met. I had no idea what I wanted out of the pictures so my husband and I let her have free reign over the bump, birth and baby pictures. I don’t know how she did it, but she was able to capture everything I didn’t know I wanted! Kimberly was practically invisible at our birth. I hardly noticed her being there... that’s not an easy feat when you’re attending a home birth in an RV living room with three midwives, a grandma and aunt-to-be, dad, laboring mom and, to top it off, a crazy two year old in attendance. But she did it nonetheless! I was worried about her being able to get good pictures since we were in such a small space with so many people but she far exceeded our expectations! She was able to present us with beautiful intimate pictures of our birth that my husband and I will keep just for the two of us and also many more that we can share with family and friends. She captured moments we didn’t even know would be special. Such as a picture of my sister playing with my oldest son, my mom taking a photo of our newest addition as he was being weighed, my husband and son rubbing my back during a contraction and so many more. We are going to treasure these photos forever and will continue to call on Kimberly the rest of our lives to capture all our special moments. I wouldn’t trust anyone else now that I have experienced this level of professionalism, dedication, love of photography and ability to see and capture candid moments. Thank you for all you have done, Kimberly! If you are still on the fence, take the leap...You will not be disappointed and you will be so glad you did!"


"The birth of a child is such a meaningful and important experience; we take pictures at holidays and other important family events, so why not this? And because we spent time with Kimberly in the meeting where we talked about what we were looking for, and for the maternity photos, we felt comfortable with her and it was easy to have her there as part of our birth team.  But more than that, when my child was being born, I wanted to be present in the moment with my partner.  I didn't want to be thinking about if I should try to catch a photo of a certain moment. I wanted to let Kimberly handle that while I enjoyed the amazing experience of supporting my wife as she brought our baby into the world."


"We hired Kimberly in late 2017 to capture our bump, birth and fresh baby photos. It was my second birth and I had a good sense of what I wanted in the photos; Kimberly did not disappoint.

First, Kimberly’s photos are really beautiful. She has a great eye for her subject and the surrounding area. I don’t usually consider myself a very photogenic person but in Kimberly’s photos I feel really pleased with how I look. She is able to account for the weather and incorporate the environment. Overall the finished product that we received was just what we’d wanted and as soon as I find time between chasing a toddler and nursing an infant I plan to get a number of them printed and hung in my home. 

Second, she’s really easy to work with. Kimberly was flexible when we had to decide on plans at the last minute due to the nature of our situation. She was really communicative and made sure she understood the types of photos and the “feel” of the photo collection we were looking for (eg, I really wanted the “story” of my birth chronicled and she did just that, including a beautiful photo montage that I could share with friends and family).  I felt very at ease with her and appreciated her professionalism and knowledge.

Third, she works really hard and is constantly pushing herself to improve. Ours was one of the first births she’d shot so she went out of her way to research birth photography, find a few births to shoot in advance, and check in with us about what was important to us based on what she learned. I felt really encouraged by her active engagement and participation and I was not disappointed in the result. 

To sum up: Kimberly is a true professional with incredible skill and an adept eye. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and look forward to hiring her in the future for our family photos."


“I am amazed and grateful at how beautifully Kimberly captured our son’s birth through her photography. We weren’t sure what it was going to be like to have someone there to document such a vulnerable time, but through the night Kimberly held a calm, respectful, and adaptive presence that truly honored our space and our experience. Looking through the photos she took, I’m easily transported to the tender and powerful emotions of those moments that led to our beautiful son. It was a joy to have her back to the hospital to photograph us as a family 48 hours later, too! I highly recommend Kimberly for her artistic talent and for the kind and caring person that she is.”


"It was such a cool experience to be able to work with Kimberly. Of course, her photos speak for themselves--they’re beautiful--but what I was most delighted with was her ability to adapt and mold into whatever the moment needed of her. She can wear her doula hat if called upon, and is sensitive to the moments that don’t need photos, put down her camera, and instead, be a loving support person. She is passionate, dedicated, creative, and has an intimate knowledge of the birth process. In the end you’ll have all these amazing photos documenting your unique experience and think back, "How did we get these? Where was the photographer?” Ha! It’s a gift that Kimberly can remain almost invisible and respect people’s need to not feel watched, all the while photographing them for hours on end! She’s dedicated to telling your story and being there for you in whatever form is needed of her. Kimberly is a stealthy wallflower, in the highest sense."


"I can’t even begin to say enough great things about Kimberly! Her photography style was exactly what we were hoping to find. We were looking for a fresh baby and newborn photographer and possibly someone to take family photos here and there in the future as well. I was referred to Kimberly and she has lived up to the referral. 

For our fresh 48 session she came to the hospital the morning after our son was born. I was  worried after having a c-section that I would look a little scary in the photos but she did a great job posing us so I was able to stay comfortable and in bed. I had a few props and special items that she worked into the photos as well. I wasn’t really convinced that we needed photos in the hospital but I am so happy that we planned to have some taken! The photos you can have taken there don’t even come close to the quality of the ones that Kimberly took for us that day. 

After we had been home for a few weeks Kimberly came to our house for a newborn and family session. We wanted to get more photos of just the baby and also have some taken with our older son. She was professional and had great ideas for our second round of photos. She even managed to get a few with our crazy new puppy!

Kimberly has captured our special moments in a way that reflects our family’s style. We are so grateful for her and the images we will be able to cherish forever."