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Bump. Birth. Baby.

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Michigan native, growing my family right outside of Portland, Oregon, I am a trained labor & postpartum doula with a huge love for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and newborn babies. My approach to capturing the journey of pregnancy to baby is a documentary style, savoring those sweet, fleeting moments.


Why birth photography?


Sweet Thoughts.


“I am amazed and grateful at how beautifully Kimberly captured our son’s birth through her photography. We weren’t sure what it was going to be like to have someone there to document such a vulnerable time, but through the night Kimberly held a calm, respectful, and adaptive presence that truly honored our space and our experience. Looking through the photos she took, I’m easily transported to the tender and powerful emotions of those moments that led to our beautiful son. It was a joy to have her back to the hospital to photograph us as a family 48 hours later, too! I highly recommend Kimberly for her artistic talent and for the kind and caring person that she is.”

 I take great pride in my ability to hold and respect the space and atmosphere you desire for your birth. 

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Whether it be something you've desired for years, or a totally new concept to you, documenting your birth will be one of the best decisions you make. The whirlwind of emotions and hormones you experience on your child's birth day often clouds your ability to remember all the details. Having your birth story captured so you can go back and reflect on the emotions of that day will be something you always hold dear.

Wherever you give birth, whether at home, in the hospital, at a birth center, in an RV, in the water, outside in the woods, I want to be there.

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