Why Birth Photography?

Birth photography is gaining a LOT of traction lately. It seems that in this era of taking back birth and empowering and educating women to know their bodies and their rights during birth, more families are choosing to also document their stories so they have images of their strength & power to always look back on. It actually makes a lot of sense. We tend to photograph all of the major events in our lives, so why not document the BIGGEST event.

Anybody can take a camera into a birth space, but choosing a professional photographer with adequate training in the birth realm is why you want to hire ME.

We think we’ll remember all of the details surrounding the transformative experience that birth is, but it eventually fades. With a gallery of images to look back on you’ll always remember how fucking amazing you were on that day.

I can promise you that you won’t regret having me document your birth.



I think I want to document my birth, what’s next?

Fill out my “connect” form here.
We’ll set up a time to meet and make sure we’re a good fit. An in-person meet up is also a great time to ask questions.
Then you’ll sign a contract, pay a deposit to reserve your due date, and set up a payment plan.

When will you join me during my labor & birth process?

As your birth photographer, I will be on-call from 38-42 weeks. When you feel your body starting to do the work, you’ll contact me to let me know. When you’re sure that it’s happening, I’ll head your way and start documenting your badassery.

What if it takes a long time?

I’ll be there. I don’t put a cap on the time it takes to birth your baby. If I am really tired and need a break, I have a few backups I work with that I rely on to help out.

If for some crazy reason I cannot be at your birth, one of my trusted and reliable backups will come in my place. I will handle everything prior to and after the fact, they will only be stepping in for me to shoot.

What if you can’t be there? Do you have a back up?

This has never happened but I always tell my clients that if at any moment they need space, I’ll give them space.

What if I decide in the moment I don’t want pictures taken?